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T10920 Made for a Cause!

In four days we are going to release one of the most important manmade crafts that includes our vision with it.

The T10920 is the first generation of its own, made from an ordinary blue jeans that we saved from our last production. We gathered some small quantities of them to create an articulate masterpiece.

As a maker of small batch manmade jeans, we always stick to the original idea of how the future we envision. We have our very own mission with the 3R concept that keep our vision going. Recycle, reuse and reduce is the way we do things with this very project.

As we involve in one of the most polluted industries of all time, we never stop seeking a rightful path for our environment sake and a better future for the next generation to cherish.

We hope our denim community understand that jeans industry is beyond our imagination and more than just a pair of blue jeans. We may profit for our livelihood but the environment remains our biggest concern that pave the way through our work etiquette and end products.

Made for only 30 pairs, this T10920 will be released on this coming September 26, 2020.

Simply put, we just want to make a pair of jeans that last forever the same way we hope for our Mother Nature: Timeless and in a class of its own.