Made to fit

Use our Custom Jeans Creator to make your own pair of RDH jeans from scratch.


From the start, we felt… different. We had a passion that is unrivalled by any others. When others followed trends, we stood our ground. When others pursued profit, we chased dreams. And when others sought the easy road, we hunted on the path less taken.

What kept us moving? Our passion for denim.


We knew we had something different. We had our passion but, more than that, we had the drive, the bond, the talent. Our brotherhood brought us together and we made something of our passion. In 2011, we started small. In Besut, Terengganu. One sewing machine, three comrades. We started making jeans.

And we were damned good at it.


We know we are different. We don’t follow the straight path to victory. We beat our own path; we struggle, we fight, we suffer. And we make our own victory. Now, the Raw Denim House is known as the one place this side of Asia where the brave, the bold, the free, can find the one thing that unites us all:

The Fighting Spirit.